Benefits of BBA Program

What are the benefits of a Bachelor’s degree in Business?

Aspiring to start your own company? A Bachelor of Business Administration could be the first step to helping you reach your aspirations. From excellent career prospects to teaching you the skills you need for success, an undergraduate business degree is one of the best ways to start your career.

What does a business degree teach you?

Throughout your Bachelor of Business Administration, you’ll focus on key business areas while developing skills such as analysis, management, negotiation and communication. Your undergraduate business degree will probably last between two to four years, depending on which country you study in. Whilst on the programme, you’ll learn about areas such as leadership, managing resources, finance and ethics. Other topics that are often explored in these courses include data management, risk management and business development.

While on your programme of study you will also have the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs and innovators. For example, IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam offers company visits, educational trips and internships to ensure you gain practical experience.

Importance of an undergraduate business degree

Gaining a Bachelor of Business Administration is the starting point for a successful career. Not only will it provide you with the skills you need to take on challenges and seek out opportunities in the business world, but it will also improve your earning capacity. With a Bachelor of Business Administration, you can expect an average annual salary of €41,050.

Additionally, having this degree will set you apart from other candidates when applying for jobs. Employers will often want to see that you have a good knowledge of the business world, gained either through study or significant work experience. If you choose to study somewhere such as IC University, you’ll have work experience and internships built into your programme.

The Bachelor of Business Administration also offers you flexibility within your career. The term ‘business’ can cover any different number of organisations so having a degree will allow you to take advantage of many different opportunities. You could spend the first part of your career focusing on one particular area of business and then explore another later on down the line. Whatever your interest, you’ll have developed the business acumen needed to thrive.

Also, an undergraduate business degree is a great way to improve your communication, something which is integral to being successful in any organisation. You’ll learn to write reports, negotiate with customers and deliver presentations, ensuring you become a business professional with more than just a broad knowledge base.

What are the opportunities after a BBA?

Once you’ve completed your Bachelor of Business Administration you’ll be able to apply for a number of different roles across a broad range of sectors. You might consider going into areas such as project management, sales, finance or even marketing. Whichever you choose, you’ll have developed a skill set that will allow you to take on the challenges and opportunities of these sectors.

The Bachelor of Business Administration programme also provides you with the knowledge needed to start your own organisation. Many programmes run internships to help you gain practical experience of working in a business.

IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam offers the Bachelor of Business Administration, a programme designed for trailblazers and innovators. Through practical learning including internships, trips and company visits, you’ll develop your knowledge of the business world and gain the skills needed to launch your own venture. Discover our programme here.