Wilbert Kannekens

Founder, samsamdrinks.com “In the final year of my study, I launched a d2c subscription service. Inter College gave me the knowledge to kickstart any business. I recently started a new business, that operates in a highly competitive market. I still use the practical experiences that I learned at Inter College every day.”

Tom Koop

Management at KOOP Group “Special attention is paid to students’ business succession. Built a network of entrepreneurs from the start of the study. Good overall knowledge is provided for all aspects of leading a company.” Contact us today

Peter Paul Houtkamp

Master in Sports Management “The extensive network of partners and alumni gives the opportunity to take a look behind doors that would otherwise remain closed, from agriculture to sports and from production to consultancy. In combination with lectures by external speakers and practical assignments, this provides an excellent interaction with the theory.” Contact us today

Freek Martens

Operational Manager – PON, company start up DOCKR “Company visits, guest lectures, entrepreneurial fellow students, teachers with entrepreneurial experience, and opening your own pop-up store makes this the best entrepreneurial training in the Netherlands!” Contact us today

Danielle van Luin

Co-founder – MIO Home BV, interior design “I have studied at IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam with a lot of pleasure. For me personally opening a pop-up store was a great experience and a reward for life!”