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Studying BBA in Amsterdam – A Comprehensive Guide

Do you want to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Amsterdam? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll go over the ins and outs of studying BBA in the dynamic city of Amsterdam, including everything from the advantages of studying in this buzzing metropolis to practical student living advice.

Why Choose Amsterdam for Your BBA?

Amsterdam has long been celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and rich history, making it an ideal setting for students to pursue their academic goals. Amsterdam is a popular destination for BBA students for the following reasons:

  • Enjoy small, interactive classes led by professors who not only have industry experience but also prioritize spending time with students
  • A welcoming and an open environment known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and entrepreneurial culture.
  • Learn to utilise a problem-based learning methodology through a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Globally recognized NVAO-accredited BBA degree programs.
  • An English-speaking city renowned for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere
  • Variety of English-taught BBA programs.
  • Relatively low tuition fees and low cost of living (compared to the US and the UK).
  • Excellent job prospects in start-ups and industry giants.
  • One-year visa post-graduation to search for a job in the country.

Watch what makes Amsterdam the ultimate destination for your academic aspirations: YouTube Video Link.

From exploring business administration courses in Amsterdam to acclimating to the cost of living as a student, there’s much to consider when embarking on your BBA journey.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fun and vibrant city which attracts students each year thanks to its low costs of living and vast employment opportunities.
According to the reputable institute, the estimated monthly cost of living in Amsterdam ranges from 1,000 to 1,200 euros. For students, the major expenses in Amsterdam typically include transport, accommodation and food.

If you plan to reside in Amsterdam for more than a year, we highly recommend registering on reliable housing websites like and Please be aware that these platforms often have waiting lists, so it’s advisable to apply as early as possible.

To subsidize the cost of living expenses or to get some extra pocket money, you can also work part time as a student in Amsterdam and get first-hand experience in your chosen industry.

Scholarships for BBA in Amsterdam

Funding your BBA education in Amsterdam is made easier with various scholarship opportunities available to students. Regardless of whether you excel academically, demonstrate leadership in your community, or showcase creative talent, IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam offers scholarship opportunities to support you in reaching your academic aspirations.

Some of the scholarships we offer to support talented students in pursuing their education at IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam are:

  1. Managers Director Scholarship for Entrepreneurship
  2. Regional Diversity Scholarship, and
  3. Siblings Scholarship

For more information on the scholarships, please visit our website

Advantages of a BBA Degree in Amsterdam

Ranked 17th among the world’s leading economies, the Netherlands hosts a thriving mix of burgeoning start-ups and established industry giants. Companies such as Philips, Heineken, Nike, Tesla Motors, and IKEA have chosen the Netherlands as their headquarters and are well-known for actively recruiting BBA graduates.

As an student pursuing a BBA in Amsterdam, you’ll embark on a transformative journey filled with learning, exploration, and growth. With its dynamic business environment, world-renowned institutions, and vibrant cultural scene, Amsterdam offers an unparalleled experience for students seeking to excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

Choose IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam and start your BBA!

IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam is a cutting-edge private institution nestled in the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant landscape. Steeped in over a century of history, our newly renovated campus is in one of the top 10 coolest neighborhoods globally, at the epicenter of cultural diversity, artistic expression, and entrepreneurial innovation.

At IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam, we value learning from experienced individuals who have made significant strides in their respective fields. Our esteemed faculty members are not only dedicated educators but also seasoned entrepreneurs. Drawing from their practical expertise, they infuse our curriculum with real-world insights, transforming each lesson into a captivating exploration of applied sciences.

So, why wait? Take the first step towards a rewarding career in business today by applying to the Bachelor of Business Administration program at IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam.

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Ready to embark on your BBA journey in Amsterdam? Explore IC’s BBA program, taught in English, and seize the opportunities that await you in this dynamic city!