International Student Identity Card (ISIC): Unlocking Global Student Discounts

As a student at IC University of Applied Sciences – Amsterdam, you have the opportunity to make the most out of your student life with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card is your gateway to a world of student discounts, exclusive offers, and unique experiences designed to enhance your university journey.

With the ISIC, you’ll gain access to over 150,000 student discounts in more than 130 countries. From travel and entertainment to dining and cultural events, the ISIC unlocks a range of benefits that help you make the most of your student status. Whether you’re exploring Amsterdam or traveling abroad, the ISIC ensures you can enjoy student privileges wherever you go.

What You Get with the ISIC:

  • Travel Discounts: Get reduced rates on flights, transportation, and accommodation across the globe.
  • Entertainment Offers: Enjoy discounted tickets for movies, concerts, theaters, and more.
  • Food & Dining Perks: Save on meals at restaurants and cafes, both in Amsterdam and around the world.
  • Retail and Services: Access special student prices at shops, gyms, and other service providers.

How to Get Your ISIC:

Check out the link for detailed instructions on how to create your International Student Identity Card. The process is straightforward, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a world of benefits in no time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your student life with exclusive discounts and experiences. Get your ISIC today and start exploring all that it has to offer!