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Serena Haenen (1969), studied Social and Organizational Psychology at the University of Leiden. She moreover holds various certificates: Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Managing and Developing Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence, training MBTI Step I and MBTI Type & Teams. After her graduation she started, and still runs, her own consultancy business. This small organization is specializing in HR development, that is; Training, psychological testing, assessments and coaching. Whereby regular recurrent meetings will serve to reinforce the new behavior. The activities of her small business include: MBTI testing and Coaching, development assessment, designing role plays for assessments.

Various training have not only been developed by her, but are also given by Serena. Training courses include: performance appraisals, performance appraisal interviews, how to control absenteeism, mentoring and the elevator pitch. In the context of start-ups, she coached several young entrepreneurs in their initial stage of (internet) start-up.

Next to these activities she started teaching at Nyenrode Business University, Hoge School van Amsterdam and she was guest lecturer at various Universities, like Webster University and Vrije Universiteit. She taught HR related courses, like HR and Organizational Development, and Social Psychology.